How do I Random Wander?

Some of you might ask yourselves how do I create the random content for the blog. Some posts are short, some are long, some just contain images or videos. I’m never set on creating a fixed length post, or focusing on a single topic at a time. It doesn’t concern me the very least – what pops up in my mind (a very random place) and what pops up on my monitor creates even this page. It’s a combination of knowing where to look, knowing what to look and having a spark with regards with what you want to create and show.

When I create the posts, the pages and the rest of the content for my blog, usually the ideas come at the randomest times. I never plan ahead, everything is perhaps created one or two hours before posting.

So, how do you Random Wander?

  • – Yes, the best place for random stuff 😀
  • Google – your best friend. Whatever pops in your mind and you have some free time, google that word and see what pops up! Check the other pages, not just the first, who knows what you can find
  • Wikipedia – Wikirandoming can burn a lot of time but it can yield some really fun time. Look up a subject you’re interested in or need to work on, and let the links flow.
  • StumbleUpon – The big daddy of all random stuff; check your interests then click. And click. And click.
  • Facebook – yeap, good ol’ Facebook. You’re wasting a lot of time on it, why not do something fun about it too? The more interests you Like, the funner your News Feed gets
  • Twitter – a bit tricky here, because you’re overloaded with tweets, but following some specific pages can bring you some good content to read
  • Random websites – all of those above yield perhaps 30% of the ideas. Finding the randomest websites with the randomest interests yields the biggest chunk of fun stuff.


There you have it, the breakdown. :)

Enjoy the blog!