Foodie cravings

Foodie cravings, do you have them yet? Most probably you will after you read this post. But for this thank some foodie friends who pressured into making a post that makes your mouth water in under 5 seconds. If you’re a foodie like they are, you’re most likely going to thank them.

So, foodie cravings? Hungry yet?

If yes, you arrived to the right place. You’re a foodie, you have your specific foodie cravings, you want to eat the good stuff first, but there’s a slight problem – you need to eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner first. I’m talking here two spectacular desserts that can be very easily done and contain one magical ingredient – Nutella.

Yes, the hazelnut-chocolate spread everyone adores. I found these two very simple recipes on the internet, and this week I’ll try and make the second one and post my own attempt at it (Need some shortbread before I do it). Very easy to make (your little brother or sister could join) and very delicious. Works best if you could make your mother or grandmother do them for you. Easily satisfies your foodie cravings.

Maybe we can do a flashmob dessert making? Foodie mob?

More like I-crave-good-stuff-mob.


#1 Strawberry and Nutella sandwich

Simple to do – one Nutella jar + wholegrain bread + fresh strawberries. A quick, delicious and perfect dessert.

I’d advise, just as the original post says, to use wholegrain bread. It’s far healthier and tastier than just simple bread, but if you can’t find any, I guess simple white bread will do. Or perhaps toast. For another mix you can try raspberries instead of strawberries, tastes delicious with Nutella.


#2  Nutella with bananas and almonds

Take some shortbread, whisk some Nutella over it, slice some bananas and put them on top and at the end sprinkle some chopped almonds. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes and even less if you’re a foodie who knows how to handle himself in the kitchen. Should be enough to satisfy your foodie cravings.


#3 – Strawberry and Nutella cake

This one is a bit harder, and it will take a bit more time and patience.

The picture was taken in the Charly’s in Gstaad, Switzerland, but the recipe is pretty simple. Whisk some Nutella over a layer of sponge cake (not too soft!), jelly some fresh strawberries together and add whipped cream.

Voila, enjoy the delicious calories.

OR, if you’re too lazy to cook, just go to a nearby bar and get this – Apple Strudel with Ice Cream. Foolproof.



Happy eating! And bon appetit!


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